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Our customers live and work in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries.

You can get the references from them upon request. We are lucky to have understanding customers and partners ready to share their experience of working with our company.

Experience is something you can benefit from if you see how it can help in your very project and business.

This section of our website gives you the vision of how we work, what we did, the areas we are good at. We hope this information will help you to take the right decision on cooperation.

There are 2 typical cooperation models we work on your project according to:

  • Fixed project price (based on all the efforts required to develop it)

This implies that your project is estimated according to the specifications you have and you know the price since the very beginning. It ideally works for small and sometimes middle-size projects which can be tested well enough before the delivery. Before project development starts, we also anticipate the risks your project might face and work out the additional scenarios to follow in case a risk becomes real.

  • Monthly-based fee (based on the quantity of hours reported)

This approach works best with the large-scale projects, or the projects that need constant maintenance. It is also reasonable to stick to this approach if the technical requirements are not very detailed or there are a lot of outer circumstances which might influence the project flow. We understand that it is not always possible to have the clear vision of a large project until something is done. In this case, monthly-based fees work best.

Sometimes it is the combination of these two models that you find acceptable for your project. We are open to any cooperation model which both you and we can agree upon.

Any project we work on starts from your request. The typical project development cycle includes the following stages:

  1. Studying project requirements;
  2. Asking questions and information exchange;
  3. Defining milestones, composing project plan;
  4. Anticipating risks;
  5. Working out alternate scenarios (in case the risks come true);
  6. Development process;
  7. QA testing;
  8. Acceptance and approval;
  9. Adjustments and polishing (if needed);
  10. Delivery and release;
  11. Support and maintenance (if necessary).

Nothing tells you more about our experience than the completed projects and our customers’ testimonials. Check them out to have a better understanding of us.

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