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Yeah, we have now become green with antennas too J!

It’s hard to stay aside when Android platform is used by millions all over the World, on their smartphones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices.

The Android development is still young enough, yet it is the fastest growing development platform.  Its popularity is caused by ample possibilities which it provides both for Android developers and Android users. 

With the help of Android SDK & NDK we create Android applications, which meet your specific needs. 

DataX provides the following Android development services:

  • Custom Android Application Development
  • Development of Android Software with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support
  • Mobile Lifestyle/Travel Application Development
  • Social Networking Application Development
  • Communication Android Application Development
  • Multimedia Application Development 
  • Android Application Maintenance and Upgrade
  • Android Application QA Testing

Do you have something different in mind? 

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