Customers Say

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Dataxdev's senior developers brought vast expertise in various areas of specialization to our projects. We recommend them highly for their competence, reliability and great work ethics.

Martin Picard,

It is definitely a company we would recommend as reliable and communicative. They are very professional, friendly & extremely polite and very responsive to all requests & queries

Richard Vaughton,

Lake Como Homes

The guys’ knowledge and experience have certainly contributed to the common goal. They have been able to work productively both independently and as team members. I’d like to specifically emphasize the responsibility level that has been demonstrated while working on our project and the ability to adapt to any routine circumstances, which has been a true advantage to our company.

Yinghua Qin,

Quest Software

…DataX leading developers pay attention to detail and take any suggestion or concern seriously. Due to their consistent approach to software development, the work was completed efficiently, timely and safely. When they worked onsite with us they demonstrated a high level of responsibility, skills and admirable work ethics.

Not only did they meet our desired performance, but there was no language or communication barrier. They have always been responsive, creative and even pro-active…

Keith Gruen,

Dmitry is a very talented, customer oriented and communacative person. On the top of all this he is one the best technical developers, architects and PM´s I have met during my 20 years in ICT-industry!

I recommend Dmitry and his company very warmly as a business partner.

Mika Eerola,

Facilis LTD

I have hired Dmitry and his firm several times. Very knowledgeable, reliable. He and his team always got the work done on time and with high quality

Alex Bakman,

Ecora Software