expertise matters

14 years of work in software development
has taught us a few important things:

It only makes sense to write the code
which creates business value

It is essential to think about software
scalability at the very start of a project

You can only create the right functionality
if you understand the business of the customer

Areas of our strongest expertise

Healthcare and Medicine

  • HL7 standard integration
  • DICOM image exchange and visualization
  • Medical data Import/export to/from storage systems like PACS, SAN, NAS, etc..
  • Registration and processing of medical information from
  • Pacemakers, ICD and ICM devices
  • Patient data export and transfer
  • Medical registries support (NICOR/Dutch)
  • Medical software for tablets and smartphones

Vacation Rentals

  • Import/export of property data between the websites
  • Integrations with biggest VR market players’ APIs ( HOMEAWAY.COM, BOOKING.COM, VRBO.COM etc)
  • Synchronization of reservations between property listings websites
  • Channel management solutions
  • Various charging schemes: initial and final payments, deposits, сommissions, crediting payments to escrow accounts, tax deductions

Best prove of the expertise are these websites:

Hotel Management Industry

  • Integrating a hotel management system with 3rd parties
  • Interfaces development with hotel infrastructure parts (PBX, door-locking systems, kiosks, OTA, GDS..)
  • Connecting public API to 3rd parties
  • Developing private API aimed to system components interoperability

Case studies

Richard, Sue and a story of a successful villa rentals service

The story of, which collected holiday villas in France, Italy, and Switzerland under one roof has started in 2006. DataxDev has created the booking engine and integrated it with the user interface provided by Sue. At first, the website contained only Italy-based villas. Later, our team has added France and Switzerland, as the regions close to Lake Como.

Many of those owners had their villas listed on other rental websites by that time and wanted to keep those listings. Thus faced the necessity of synchronizing listings and reservations. One of the first synchronizations, made by DataXDev was the one with HappyHolidayHomes network of holiday rentals.

In the course of time, has been getting more and more attention, therefore requiring new custom features. Sue and Richard have been always responsive to the incoming requests. Thus, DataxDev integrated a few payment gateways, such as VacaPay and Stripe. Later, our guys set up the sync between LakeComoHomes and Vreasy channel manager, giving villa owners even more exposure.

With the customer's first approach that Sue and Richard have been always sticking to, they came up with a killing feature "Fly now pay later" which allows guests to postpone the part of travel costs. DataXDev built in that code to the website engine.

The industry of vacation rentals has been changing throughout the years and DataXDev has been implementing many features at LakeComoHomes to stay up-to-date. The example of Sue and Richard brightly demonstrates that vacation rentals will always be in demand between guests.

Robert and the island-specific booking website

Robert is a founder of unique vacation rental business. When he first contacted DataXDev to build a booking website, his primary goal was to create a service, exclusively dedicated to Fripp Island vacation property owners and guests. Being an island home owner himself, Robert knew the real needs of his neighbors : - )

With that goal in mind, the DataXDev team built the website taking into account all Robert's requests. In particular, we developed the back office, which was stuffed with island specific features such as partial payments, region taxes calculation and deduction, online owner-guest agreement signing, drill down reports on the owner's income and expenses, history of rentals and reservations, cleaning service booking tool, guests' reviews, etc.

The biggest advantage of for island home owners is the automation of many activities which they had to take care of themselves before, from real-time bookings and payments, to order of the island gateway passes.

No other vacation rental service offers that level of online management for Fripp island home owners. This makes stand out from other listing websites and keep owners onboard.

DataXDev is proud to be the part of the process of creation and maintaining.

Hetras and Dataxdev: Beyond the traditional idea of a hotel management system

Hetras was founded in 2007 as the first pure Software as a Service (SaaS) player for the international hotel industry, and is based in Munich, Germany. In 2009 DataXDev has joined Hetras team in efforts of bringing the product to the market, with main focus on automation and integration areas.

Working remotely and on-site for almost a decade, our engineers took part in developing and enhancing every aspect of the system, also building a range of GDS, PBX, POS, kiosk, payment gateway, message service integration and various distribution channel interfaces, that brought competitive value to the product.

During the next years our engineers have helped Hetras to build one of the most innovative property management systems, with self check-in kiosks and an accessible design. Because of its openness and ability to be deployed centrally as a proper cloud-based system, Hetras has been implemented throughout several of the most innovative hotel groups on the market.

Having continued to evolve and innovate through the years, Hetras has grown beyond the traditional idea of a property management system behind a front desk and back of house. Our developers worked closely with the team while implementing modern public API and a set of solutions on top of it, helping Hetras to become a guest-focused system.

In 2016, Shiji Group, one of the largest international hotel technology suppliers, acquired Hetras for its innovative technology, easy-to-use interface, and public API technology, a perfect fit with their vision of technology as an open platform for the future of travel.

Areas of our strongest expertise
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