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Honestly, can an offshore software development team be very different from
thousands of others on the Web?

On the one hand, it’s unlikely.
On the other hand, it doesn’t matter if this team is a perfect fit for you personally.

If your programming project can successfully be implemented with the set of skills and experience that a certain software development team has, then it’s a perfect match.

We found our perfect match with our customers.

Dataxdev in numbers

Operating in Ukraine & Poland

Success since 2003

15 team members

115 + projects

87% of returning customers

13% annual staff turnover

Industry leader 2010, 2011, 2014

Customers in 10 countries

Dataxdev in names


Team Lead, .NET, Java


Marketing & Communications


.NET Expert


Accounting Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert


Java Expert


.NET Expert


.NET, iOS Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert


.NET Expert
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Our story
Back in 2001, Dmitry, our current CEO launched his first amateurish website, dedicated to offshore development services.

At that time he was still studying in the University. With the basic knowledge yet with an immense desire to apply it in practice, he found his first customers, who brought him a few more. Some of them are still with us and grew their businesses to new heights. We are proud to be aware of our team significance in this process and grateful for the invaluable experience that this cooperation has been bringing to us throughout the years.

Over 15 last years our team is proving that successful cooperation is not the matter of distance. It’s more about dedication and clear understanding of the customers’ goals.

DataX encourages you to write your own story together with us, like dozens of our happy customers already have done!

Send us a note and take your own decision whether our team can help you with your today business needs.

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