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What Can You Do With Java?

Java remains in the top-5 of the rating of the most used programming languages in 2021, according to Statista. It’s far from an accidental choice.

In this article, you’ll find out why emerging innovative startups, leading tech companies, and brick-and-mortar businesses keep choosing Java as a programming language for the application of various use cases.

In 2021 Java celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Developers love Java for versatile coding possibilities, platform independence and portability, security and reliability, scalability, and high-performance qualities. 

What can you do with Java programming? A lot of things, starting from simple web-based applications to advanced software for IoT devices that supports AI algorithms.
Let’s discover particular software solutions to answer the question, ‘What can you build with Java?’ – from the overall architecture to special features developed in conjunction with advanced technologies.

Top-10 Programming Languages in the World

Mobile App Development

Java was used as a primary official programming language for mobile apps development for Android long before Kotlin joined it on the list. Due to its object-oriented programming concept, Java offers near limitless opportunities for scalability and adaptability. Open-source Java libraries enable speeding up the development process while reducing costs by eliminating the amount of custom-written pieces of code. 

It also offers a great collection of design patterns to build a mobile app MVP of any type. Java app designs can be easily customized later to provide your users with more personalized experiences.

Java has a well-presented and continuously developing support community. According to different reports, there are 8 to 12 million Java developers globally, so there will be no problem finding one for your mobile app development. Dataxdev is here to answer your request!

Cloud App Development

Java won its position as a top programming language for cloud apps due to its platform-independent nature. It ensures cross-platform app compatibility, which is extra-important as cloud-based apps should be accessible with any type of device. Cloud apps, in turn, have great performance quality as they don’t rely on user device capabilities. 

Java showed high-performance quality by itself, long before the popularity of cloud computing. It’s not the only mutual principle for Java programming language and cloud applications. Cloud apps gained popularity due to their fast and smooth performance, cross-platform compatibility, and simplicity of scalability. Java was known for these features for a long time, so it seems like it became a perfect organic match for cloud app development.

Web App Development

If you ask Google ‘what can I do with java programming,’ web applications will likely be on top of the answers. Web app development was the first use case for Java, and it keeps its popularity in this direction. One can build high-loaded platforms with Java while keeping high-performance indicators. The code written with Java proved to be secure and reliable. 

Some parts of Netflix and Twitter back-end are running on it. Twitter, actually, once started on Ruby on Rails but then switched to Java for attaining better performance quality. Java also powers the Wikipedia search engine. Arising the popularity of AI emphasizes Java benefits even more, using its wide possibilities for data processing. It will be easy for businesses to add some AI-powered features to their web app as there are many AI Java libraries to complete this task.

Many Java Frameworks and open libraries allow Java programmers to build web apps much faster than it’s possible with other languages. A huge Java support community helps resolve any arising issues quickly and constantly develops new frameworks and algorithms.

Chatbot Development

Chatbot development is not the most obvious answer to ‘what can I make with java.’ Chatbots can be built as standalone fully-functional startups or integral parts of existing applications. Java is a great choice for chatbot development due to, among others, the simplicity of ways to integrate it with other platforms and advanced search algorithms that are very helpful for processing chatbot user requests. Java’s vast development toolkit also contains Stanford Library NLP and some other libraries for AI-powered chatbots.

Game Development

Game development is not the most popular option of what do you use java for. Of course, you won’t build another GTA with it. Still, Java is widely used for the development of android mobile games. Java has libGDX, a very helpful framework for 2D games development. It claims Java cross-platform value and works equally well on browser, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Programmers also build web-based games with Java and Flash. It’s somehow popular among indie games developers. The original version of the Minecraft game was developed on Java.

AI Development

According to a McKinsey global survey, 50% of responding decision-makers from different business branches stated that they apply AI-powered solutions for at least one business function.

When you develop AI solutions, you have to deal with a vast amount of data first of all. Java helped produce many valuable data processing solutions adopted and well-recognized by leading tech companies like Pinterest, Yahoo!, Facebook, Paypal, and LinkedIn. 

Apache products like Kafka or Apache Hadoop were built with Java. They are sets of tools used for the implementation of search and contextual mechanisms of many high-load websites. Java’s inbuilt garbage collection feature automatically deletes useless data. Its Swing and Standard Widget Toolkits ensure great data visualization in graphics with user-friendly interfaces.

There’s always a risk of a data leak, and here’s the first point where Java’s security advantage enters the game. Java possesses a lot of APIs, widely used, and standardized security algorithms and protocols. Java security APIs offer privileges with cryptography and access control. These advantages matter a lot in AI-based solutions, especially when AI-powered software increases its popularity in the finance and healthcare industries, where security compliance is regulated on the governmental level.

The main features that make Java attractive for AI-based solutions development are basically the same as for other projects — platform independence, scalability, reliability, and high-quality performance. The meaning of Java support community, open-source materials, and ready development toolkits is brought to a whole new level here with Java AI libraries and open-source AI-based projects.

So, what can you make with Java in the AI world? Java offers Natural Language Processing libraries and frameworks for neural networks creation that are crucial parts of AI projects. It even has a deep learning library with advanced programming guides and documentation to simplify the development process.

With its huge knowledge base and intelligent support system, Java is a perfect choice for AI-based software development.

Internet of Things Devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept creates interoperable environments where devices can communicate with each other to perform different tasks without input from a human-user. 

What can you use Java for? IoT is another case with such benefits as partially automated memory management and event loops in the language that support event-driven programming.
Event-driven programming is a key feature for IoT development as it implies that devices should respond to occurring events with appropriate activities.

As in the case of Java-based AI solutions, the Java community offers a range of frameworks and libraries developed for IoT projects. For example, its IoT frameworks provide web-based inter-operable platforms that support many devices, even resource-constrained ones. 

One can say that Java’s popularity among IoT developers is a logical consequence of its wide adoption in cloud computing. Java makes IoT implementation easy by working in different environments.

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Java is here to stay on top of the ratings of most preferred programming languages. 

Platform independence, high potential for scalability, and performance made Java well appreciated in the early stages of its development. The introduction of cloud computing enhanced the same qualities. 

Java’s success is backed by a very active and supportive community. Massive development toolsets grew around this programming language. Open-source libraries and frameworks enable the reduction of project costs and application development time by offering ready, reliable solutions. Java APIs and cryptography features help to ensure security compliance at the very core of any application. Java search algorithms helped create a link with AI and Machine learning technologies in the early stage of AI disruption.

Still wonder ‘what can I use Java for’? Share your application ideas with Dataxdev, and we’ll help you uncover Java potential for your individual use case.

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