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.Net Development Outsourcing Services We Provide

Safe and flexible applications development. A wide variety of applications for mobile devices and Windows-based personal computers. Available with .Net frameworks.

Desktop applications development

Our company offers .Net development outsourcing services for creating desktop applications that your business needs. Desktop applications don’t lose their popularity. They differ from web applications as they need a PC to run, and you don’t need to use a browser to access the data from the Internet. Dot Net is a perfect framework for Windows desktop application development.

Web application development

Our .Net development outsourcing service builds applications that use web browsers to work. The usage of Reach UI allows us to implement user interfaces with functionality that is close to desktop applications. Web applications like that are available worldwide. What’s great: users do not need to install any additional software.

Integration software development

When there is a need to integrate different software with different data types and data flows, some issues may arise. Our team is ready to help with integration software development for your business. For example, if a service needs to read information from Booking and pass it to Airbnb or vice versa, we can assist your company with this task.

Distributed applications development

We design and develop applications that work on different nodes. They can be distributed online; quite often, they employ microservices-based architecture. Another example is an app that helps the front-end run on one or multiple nodes while the backend works on another node. Thus, complex mathematical calculations can be performed on multiple nodes.

Public/Private API development

Our highly skilled web programmers can develop public or private APIs for your website or application. Having an API is the modern approach for building distributed applications and extending functional service exposure. Big tech companies like Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, and others offer their public APIs to simplify and standardize integrations. Using the API gateway can help with the integration of the legacy apps.

Cloud-based applications development

We offer solutions hosted in the public or private clouds and use the infrastructures like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVH to provision and operate your project. The main advantage is that there is no need to maintain your hardware infrastructure; it’s also easy to scale up infrastructure like that.

Technologies we use

Our .Net development company offers different services using the latest dot Net frameworks. Depending on the project type you need, we use a variety of the most efficient tech stacks. Here you can see some of the examples listed below.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for .Net development services, DataXDev might be a good choice for you as we are:


Our .Net company has been on the market for more than 18 years. We have successfully delivered over 115 projects for customers around the world.


Specialists in our team have years of experience in coding. We are proud to have a scientific approach to .NET development services. All of our developers have at least graduate diplomas from Maths or Physics fields. Our team loves mixing science with software. Before suggesting what an ideal solution would be good for you, we do thorough research in your business field.


Before starting any new project, our .Net development company discusses all of your needs with you. Although most of our projects are linked to the healthcare or travel industry, we also deliver projects for any other business area. Combining our scientific approach and technological expertise, we can bring you the results you’d expect your product to do and in the business field of yours


DataXDev has proven itself to be a trustworthy, innovative .Net application development company. Our efforts were marked with the Award of a Top B2B Companies of Ukraine in 2019-2020 from Clutch. We are also proud to have a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch since the very start of our company back in 2003.

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When does it make sense to use
.NET development services?

 .Net is a perfect choice when you need to develop an application to run on Microsoft Windows systems. It offers a catalog of different tools and libraries for the development of almost any type of app. 

.Net development services have many advantages: .Net is simple, reliable, and great for storing temporary data. .Net Frameworks also come with Visual Studio that helps to ease the development process and further app distribution between different platforms.

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Feeling like starting a project based on .NET?

It’s great to hear! We are thrilled to invite you on a call. You can discuss .NET development services with us and focus on how web application development using .NET can boost your business.

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Our Outsource .Net Development Process

Software development and high-quality programming wouldn’t be possible without good project management. Speaking of the outsource .Net development services we offer, we usually use Agile methodology to manage such projects daily. The Agile methodology requires flexibility and adaptability from all the members of the team. Our development process depends on the size of your project. They can be:

New Projects

New projects require a lot of expertise from the .Net development company as well as preparing the plan for the initial project. Before jumping into programming we discuss the overall look for the MVP with our clients. Then we formalize the requirements, prioritize the features and their implementation. Once we create a project plan, we start the implementation.

Small projects

For small projects, we use the SCRUM framework to be always up-to-date with the project’s progress and our team’s programming progress. The SCRUM framework in .Net development company helps teams to achieve value through flexible solutions for the most complex problems.

Big projects

Big projects, as they’re more complex, need high-quality and verified solutions from a .Net web development company. For such projects we use SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework). .Net development for advanced projects means tons of testing, experience with microservices, having skills in a huge number of technology stacks. Your success and high-quality solution made by us is the most important.


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