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Using Java for web development enables you to build reliable and scalable web applications.

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Outsourcing Java Development Services We Provide

Our Java development company offers plenty of outsourcing Java development services for your software needs. A seasoned coding squad can fulfill all your requirements, creating a unique, reliable, and business-efficient product. Here is the list of Java development services we provide:

Web applications development

Our java development service builds applications that use web browsers to work. The usage of Reach UI allows us to implement user interfaces with the functionality that is close to the desktop applications. Web applications like that are available worldwide. What’s great: users do not need to install any additional software.

Distributed applications development

We design and develop applications that work on different nodes. They can be distributed online; quite often, they employ microservices-based architecture. Another example is an app that helps the front-end run on one or multiple nodes while the backend works on another node. Thus, complex mathematical calculations can be performed on multiple nodes.

Cloud-based applications development

We offer solutions hosted in the public or private clouds and use the infrastructures like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVH to provision and operate your project. The main advantage is that there is no need to maintain your hardware infrastructure; it’s also easy to scale up infrastructure like that.

Public/Private API development

Our highly skilled web programmers can develop public or private APIs for your website or application. Having an API is the modern approach for building distributed applications and extending functional service exposure. Big tech companies like Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, and others offer their public APIs to simplify and standardize integrations. Using the API gateway can help with the integration of the legacy apps.

Integration software development

Our team is ready to help with integration software development for your business. When there is a need to integrate different software with different data types and data flows, some issues may arise. For example, if a service needs to read information from Booking and pass it to Airbnb or vice versa, we can assist your company with this task.

Java consulting

Our Java software development company is here to assist you with Java consulting for your business. We will analyze your requirements and come up with ideas on how to solve the problems for your project.

Technologies We Use

DataXDev team uses cutting-edge technologies. Our expert engineers keep up to date with all the Java programming services field updates.

Here are just some of the technologies we use daily:

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for Java application development services, DataXdev is a perfect match!

Because we are:


Our company has been on the market for more than 18 years, and we have successfully completed over 115 projects for customers all across the world.


Specialists in our team have years of experience in coding, and we are proud to have a scientific approach to Java development services. All of our developers have at least Graduate diplomas from Maths or Physics fields, and they love mixing science and software in their works. With all our knowledge combined, we perform profound research before offering you a solution.


We specialize in fields like healthcare and hospitality as we have completed many fruitful projects for companies working in these fields. However, we are always open to new ambitious and interesting projects in other domains. We are ready to bring in our scientific method and technical skills and do research in your field of work.


DataXDev has proven itself to be a trustworthy, innovative company, and our efforts were marked with the Award of a Top B2B Companies of Ukraine in 2019-2020 from Clutch. We are also proud to have a 4.9/5 rating on Clutch since the very start of our company back in 2003.

Our Case Studies

Our clients are our main value. We are proud to share some of their stories. Let’s look at some examples of our work and the solutions we implemented.

Benefit from Outsource Java development

Java is one of the most popular and versatile programming languages. No wonder companies such as Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Amazon or Ebay have decided to use Java as the backend for their web applications.

Core advantages of Java are scalability, security, cross-platform and multithreading.

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Interested in Java Outsourcing?

Our Java developers have their own secret ways of handling Java. If you want to know more about their approach to web application development, drop us a line.

Check out our Blog for the latest news about Java

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Industries we serve

Java Development Services - enterprise Enterprise Infrastructure
Java Development Services - hotel management Hotel Management
Java Development Services - e-commerce e-Business
Java Development Services - finance Finance
Java Development Services - healthcare Healthcare
Java Development Services - travel Travel / Transport
Java Development Services - real estate Real Estate
Java Development Services - sports Sports / Recreation
Java Development Services - vacation rentals Vacation Rentals

Our Outsourcing Java Development Process

Java development process is a combination of systematic and structured procedures.

Our Java software company prefers Agile practices in the development process. They involve uncovering requirements and filling out solutions through the collective effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customers.

New Project

If you come with a new project, we start with formalizing the requirements for MVP, then — prioritize the processes and plan their realization.

Small Project

Our Java outsourcing company uses SCRUM for smaller projects, which uses an agile perspective for developing, delivering, and sustaining products. Its emphasis is on software development. Our CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) is available for your projects.

Big project

For big projects, we use SAFe — a popular framework for scaling Agile over the whole enterprise.


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